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Droxy Droppings

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28 January
This journal is friends only due to some really interesting IP patterns I've seen since I started discussing some politcal philosphy.

I am happy to friend you, just know this blog is mostly Harry Potter and other creative hobbies.

Droxy is a married, 50ish IT Engineer with a variety of hobbies including Harry Potter fandom, motorcycles, and sewing. I laugh at the irony of my life. I work in an industry dedicated to building broadband networks to allow people to do their jobs from home yet I am modern technological nomad moving from city to city and sometimes country to country in search of a paycheck to help support my family in a town I rarely get to visit or see. Isn't outsourcing fun? So I have started a live journal, for my friends live in the only neighborhood I know that remains a constant, the Internet.

I've been to many countries such as: Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Australia, and India (for 6 months). I've visited over 35 states in the USA. Yeah, I get around.

I've been the "dark" mod at LJ community GrangerSnape100 since 2005, a group dedicated to 100 word challenge fics for the HP pairing of Severus Snape and Hermione Granger.

I love SS/HG and SS/MM romance fics. I have started writing fanfiction in 2004 and have 3 works in progress on fanfiction.net. I love marriage law challenges for this pairing in addition to hurt-comfort fics. Overall, I have no intentions or aspirations to become a professional writer, although I write copius technical documents as part of my IT job. I see fanfiction as pure entertainment and as an enjoyable way to improve my writing and grammar. I hope it is working.

Alas, it seems my muse fell down a rat hole called cosplay and I have not written much fic in a while. It seems after a year of self study of theater arts makeup and sewing, I have created an "other" that has its own life.

Yes, you have hit the LJ of the woman who costumes as Severus Snape at HP events. Snape will not take over Droxy's life. Droxy does not think she is Snape, and Snape does not think he is Droxy. Snape is a perpetual in motion art project that I employ from time to time because the fangurls demand it, and he's great PR for the SS/HG ship and GrangerSnape100, and he's a riot to cosplay. I also cosplay Petunia Dursley, Arabella Figg, Bellatrix, The Dark Lord, A Death Eater, Mr. Ollivander, and Albus Dumbledore.

FAQs about my cosplay:

Are you really a girl? Yes I am. Here is the proof-LOL. See makeup transformation pictures here:

or here

Do you have girl costumes? Oh yes, look below and see what a girl I really am!

Who is Team Illusions? (under construction)

sbrande Production photography, artistic direction, project planning, quality control, organization. Sbrande also cosplays Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, and a Death Eater.

sabrebabe Production photography, artistic direction, costumes, make up. Sabrebabe is an artist, doll maker, and seamstress. Sabrebabe also cosplays Rosemerta, and a Death Eater.

dixiebell12 Post production processing and quality control. Photoshop manipulation and image and resource researching. Project planning. Costumes. Dix also cosplays death eaters and dementors.

dozmuffinxc Acting, cosplay, and costuming. Doz is our Hermione for the 2008 Winter SS/HG Exchange. Doz also cosplays Bellatrix LeStange.

elvenlaughter Production photography, artistic direction, and quality control. Elvenlaughter also cosplays Nymphadora Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy.

wildcard_47 Production photography

droxy Acting, cosplay, costumes, make-up, project planning, post production processing, and quality control. Also does the nasty dirty work like project schedule management, organization, and public relations. Photo editing, story boarding, file integration.

geminiscorp Production photography.

shalimar1981 Production photography.

Oh my god! I got fic awards!!


Angst,Droxy dark,Droxy drabbles,Droxy fluff,Droxy reviewer,Droxy

I am an official crafter now! How I got this I do not know.

october leaky award

I have Owl House cup competition goodies.


I particpated in Snape's Big Bang for his 50th.


Here is a pic of my Bellatrix project from Leakcon. Bellatrix was 5 years in the making and she's still not completed. This is a prototype test run of the costume. Yes I am Bellatrix. You can see all the Bellatrix pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/droxy/sets/72157618971847424/


The "pretty" but angsty Snape that Team Illusions created for the Winter 2008 SS/HG Exchange. Dixiebell12 did the maniping. Geminiscorp took the photo. Oh I do love angst!Snape. See more angst here, but Utube disabled the audio so we need another host. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEehXUGKYw0


Too angsty? Here is OOC!Happy!Severus on his wedding day with wife!Hermione played by dozmuffinxc. The wedding is a Team Illusions Production for the Winter 2008 SS/HG exchange. See the wedding album at this link although Utube destroys the resolution. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1shxkLePtdY

Terminus 2008

Snape isn't the only male character I can create. Here is Mr. Ollivander who debuted at Leakycon 2009. This is a very relaxing costume to wear, and is my study in old age makeup.

leakycon 099

I was also Lord Voldemort:

Portus 2008

Scared of Death Eaters? They are nothing. Click the debt clock link below for a real scare.


If the above matters to you, go to: http://www.opencongress.org/

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