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Droxy Droppings
7th-Aug-2012 08:47 pm - Adventures of vacation!Snape part 2
Ascendio 9

Vacation Snape has many adventures in pseudo-Italy part 2.

Due to the blasted fickle nature of time, Severus and Hermione find themselves in the company if Death Eaters. However, Snape is in a vacation state of mind, and simply zaps his death eater companions with an Imperio, with the command to have fun, ignore the muggles, and anyone else that might be nearby.


silly, silly pics...Collapse )
7th-Aug-2012 05:38 pm - Acendio "vacation!Snape"
Acendio 8

Vacation Snape is 100% fanon, and he’s seen in many fanfics, although not as comical as my portrayal. My vacation Snape is happy, he’s not working and the war is over, and he possesses a time turner for a never ending vacation. ;> The costume is off the rack, the pants come from the ghost/in spirit Snape suit, and the Aloha shirt is a thrift store find. The disco time turner is a craft object I got at a HPDFW Xmas party. I like the fact the disco time turner is big, it shows up in photos.  This muggle costume was created because I needed a costume that is heat and humidity friendly.

Vacation Snape has many adventures in pseudo-Italy.

First, a healed Severus is finally released from St. Mungos. He’s told he needs more rest and relaxation.

pics here!!!Collapse )

More pics- vacation snape sillynessCollapse )
31st-Jul-2012 11:11 am - Acendio- Augusta Longbottom costume.
Augusta Longbottom cosplay. This is probably the second time I’ve worn Augusta to an offical con. She was at con for Infinitus in 2010. Augusta did not make it to Aeternitas due to Bellatrix cosplay, and lots of Snape due to the TPP auction. So she went to Acendio.

costume introspection babbleCollapse )
Augusta and Minerva have a talk.
DSC04129 psd

Image heavy- pics of Augusta, Nevilles, Bellatrix, and HootchCollapse )
30th-Jul-2012 11:23 pm(no subject)
death eater1
Acendio post 6

Other cosplayers. This post has a lot of random pics that I take for no other reason than to simply take pics, other pics here are simply happy opportunties.

These pics have been cropped and groomed.

All pics and more are on the Droxy FLIKR account.

This Helga Hufflepuff did a great cosplay. Excellent costume and even better in character acting. Hat is awesome. The Death Eater is Marcell from HPDFW.


Massive, huge post of picspam,Collapse )
30th-Jul-2012 08:10 pm - MISTI-CON 2013 IS FINALLY ON LJ.
death eater1

Yes that means Misti-con has its own community here on LJ. 

Clay "Godderic Gryffindor" and man of a 1000 characters" has joined LJ due to the HP people that reside here. Clay is also a key admistrator of all things Misty-con.

So if you are planning on going to Misti-Con and need  an easy way to know where the data is,  then please sign up to the community here:


Don't freak out, there are plenty of tickets still available.  So don't fret if you haven't registered yet.  Many folks are waiting on cash flow to get their tickets.

Death Eater 2nd Class
Proxy by Presence
24th-Jul-2012 07:58 pm - Acendio con post 6

Nick’s Post. Part 2

After the death day party photoshoot we haunt the halls. We run into other ghosts.


I was Nick all day Thursday. After a day of haunting my feet hurt. I remember hitting up vendor rooms and finally locating the common room. I don’t remember when I removed the costume. Nick had a lot of facial hair failure on Thursday, I had a lot of moisture on the upper lips and it was probably hottest and most humid day. Dixiebell12 was going to give me a bottle of pros-aid so I went to her room and snatched it. Dix has been dying to try on my hat so I stood her in front of a mirror and let her look. =)

Cut for kindness- makeup wank, pics cosplay babbleCollapse )

You may see the ghosts pop up again later. I am still sorting and organizing and processing pics

To be continued.

All ghost pics are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/droxy/sets/72157630702629186/with/7625889484/
23rd-Jul-2012 10:01 pm - Misti con Update/PSA
Romantic SS-HG
I'm on Facebook so you don't have to be. 

Well, it doesnt look like the fandom is dead yet.

This is what I lifted from facebroke today.

"Alright, everyone. Apparently the hotel has said there were over 100 reservations today for this con!? WHAAAA!?"

The hotel will be entirely dedicated to the con.  No muggles.


There is a 500 person attendence limit.  We are getting our room tomorrow.  We are going for the Inn building, which is where we were at Aeternitas.  The popular bldg is the lakeside.  However the hotel is small and the worse is a 5 minute walk tops.

If you need roomate the forum has a place to get carpooling, provide info on shuttles, and folks looking for rooms. 

If you click on the members in the forums you will see: Droxy, Irish, and Pokeystar.

Pokey- I promise Snape will wear glasses for you. =) 

Me and my roomies are planning on flying in Wed. May 8, 2013 and leaving Tuesday May 14 2013.

Other data:

Forum board (to avoid facebook!)  http://misticon.proboards.com/index.cgi

The facebook page if you are there- http://www.facebook.com/misticonorg

23rd-Jul-2012 06:00 pm - Art_I_ot_at_Auction
admitting regret
I rarely bid at con auctions.  But this made me change my mind.

Apparently this art was a "Daily Deviant" winner.


So this is what the art looks like. 
22nd-Jul-2012 11:08 pm - Acendio con post 5 -Ghosts
Acendio con post 5

You’ve seen the project pics. However Nick did not come to “death” until late Thursday morning. I had a basic plan with his makeup. I had a better idea with Irish’s and I think hers looked better.
Here is the completed Nick costume with Irish’s completed gray lady costume.

DSC03980 adjusted
In action:

More ghost pics hereCollapse )

Too be continued.

All ghost pics are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/droxy/sets/72157630702629186/with/7625889484/
21st-Jul-2012 07:18 pm - Acendio Post 3
Acendio con post 3- Life at con.

In this post we show you what we see at con, when we manage to take pics of it. I tried to make a effort to do this since y’all wanted the vicarious experience.

So far I’ve shown you the room, registration, art, and the writers hall. I also provided the link to massive photo group on FLIKR. The massive photo group is really a snapshot of all the things that go on at con. However, no one person can attend everything.
In this post I show you presentations, vendors, paparazzi, hallways, and peeps.

Most formal presentations were on Friday and Saturday. I have regretfully learned, I can’t get to any presentation unless it starts after 1:30PM.

Flight presentation- I’m in the back and this is a nicely attended presentation. I always sit in the back when in costume. It’s the polite thing to do when wearing massive hats .

Notice how yellow the pic is. This is corrected and cropped. The best I can do with it.

pics-presentations, vendorsCollapse )
21st-Jul-2012 05:09 pm - Acendio post 2
So we fly in Wednesday before con. Irish and I managed to snag dinner at an Italian restaurant at the hotel. It was good. They had excellent bread!

We sleep, get up at 7:30 Am or 8am. Thursday is a light day for Acendio, but it is a busy day for a cosplayer and a good day to be a cosplayer because folks arriving on Thursday get the full impact of it. Scheduling is light. People also had a lot of room issues that occupied their time on Thursday and we missed seeing people because of that.

big massive post that required typing- pics,art,authorsCollapse )

To be continued.
20th-Jul-2012 09:32 pm - Offical Pimp of Misti-con
DE Animated GrangerSnape100
Not quite ready to post Acendio stuff.
Using the mod icon on my personal LJ. =)

But there is a whole lot of chatter on Misti-con over on facebroke.

I'm on facebroke so you dont have to be.  But I am getting -tired- of that.    Maybe there is an easier way of dealign with facebroke. I just do not know what it is.  =P


Misticon has a limited number of slots.  There will be only 500 attendees.  This will book the whole hotel. 

I popped into the forum to see what was there.  I'm seeing about 70 folks have made it as far as getting on the forum.

So if you are really wanting to go to MISTI-con, here is the link.


Since acendio suprised me in several ways, I may do the con spreadsheet again. 

WE WILL BE HAVING AN SS-HG MEETUP.  tyvm  even if it kills me

20th-Jul-2012 10:00 am - Acendio fashion show vid 4/4
death eater1
I've simply been blown away by the level of chattiness on facebroke. OMG! 200+ emails, which is the only way I can really deal with FB right now.

It got to the point I just started deleting them. -sighs-

Finally turned off notifications on my iphone but I am still getting them, at least the noise indicator is gone and my office doesn't sound like a video arcade anymore. I wonder do video arcades even exist anymore?

In this part of the fashion show we see Disney related costumes.

The dueling Cinderallas are funny!

There is a gal going as the Squid/disney villian. =) Very clever interpretation.

It's nice to have these vids, I didn't get a chance to see the darn show either!

Hugs to my flist.
18th-Jul-2012 06:52 pm - bacon meme
DE cookies
Lifted from juno_magic.

"Please copy and paste this to your status if you’re constantly being asked to copy and paste things to your status by friends who copy and paste things to their statuses. Many people will not copy and paste this, but my truly sarcastic friends will copy and paste it because they know this was copied and pasted from a dear friend in need of more stuff to copy and paste; and if you don’t copy and paste it, then this means you hate bacon. And if you hate bacon, the terrorists win."

I'll have bacon please!   How about bacon wrapped terrorist?   ;)

I'm with the guy. I want the bacon!


17th-Jul-2012 11:45 pm - fashionshow vid 3
These vids wil help those who wanted to live con vicariously.  Nothing else works like a vid!

In this one we see my new friend Lynn as the saytre!  She's already tall and in that get up she's at least 7 to 8 feet tall, and UPS destroyed her shoes!  And I thought Augusta's hat was suffering for the art of cosplay....

There are crossover costumes in this set.

Hufflepuffs take note.  There are LOTS of Helga Hufflepuffs.  (Dicky is still my Helga, that's the way it is.)

The Rowena Ravenclaw had a tiara I want to steal!!!!  It was perfect!

Fantastic Godderick Gryffindor by Clay on FB

Poor Lynn (facebook) had a costume fiasco, but you will see her as Salzar Slytherin.

We have Lord Voldemort! (The dark lord here)

Stubby Bortman! (aka Sirius look alike)  The fangurls just cracked me up!  I am hiding in the wings at this point.

Then I go up as headmaster Snape.  ( My costume zipper failed.  It is only held together by the buttons.. I YiYi Yi Yi!  I was sort of freaking out hoping it would last at least the night, which it did. )

Keith comes up as Dumbledore. Fantastic costume!

condwiramurs is the dark witch.

Finally Lynn gets her hoofs off and changed and becomes salazar!  (She really had an ordeal converting over)

Many of the cosplayers had costumes fail at the fashion show. Clays Xeno lost a lot of buttons. =(  Murphy's law tried to prevail, but cosplayers know better than to quit.

Excellent album of fashionshow pics are here: 


Yes, you have to go to facebroke to see them. =(
17th-Jul-2012 07:57 pm - Fashion show vid #2
drox illusion2
I'm on facebook so you don't have to be.  Trust me, you should be happy because I am sorting through so much chatter there.

In this vid we have Silverdoe as Holiday!Death Eater in red robes.

There is also a very sexy phoenix in burlesque finery.

There is an Eileen Prince. =)

I'm as ghost Snape with ghost Lily- thw Snily shippers will be happy.   The lighting has an effect of making folks glow.  This worked for being ghosts. =)

Then Irish is next in the slytherin princess Hermione dress!

The gal in the wheel chair is Chan Potter from facebook and that was her first con!

The Narcissa has a dog in a phoenix costume. The portofino did allow pets in the room!

There is a tuxedo!Lupin with patches of fur!  Really well fitted tux on a drag costume.  Is impressed.

Then is Awesome!McGongall!

Ghost Lily makes a costume change and then comes out as Mrs. Figg.

Alexandria in the green corseted dress has writing on it.  Really a gorgeous costume. Will have more detailed pics of that when I get of my ass and groom pics.

there is a man!Snape.

Another Narcissa with a gorgeous dress!  The video doesn't do many of these costumes justice. 

17th-Jul-2012 06:23 pm - News blip of Acendio
death eater1
Acendio 2012 was covered by Orlando Fox news.

This will give you all an interesting idea of what goes on. =)  They primarily film quidditch.  I am cracking up at the news folks on brooms in the news room.


This is really a 'advertnewsment' LOL.  But hey, its Orlando. ;>
9th-Jul-2012 03:28 pm - pre-acendio packing
death eater1
or how I shove so much crap into 3 bags. I have a large hard sided rolling samsonite.  It is an 8 pound suitcase.  It is a case I had for many years for international travel.  It has battle scars.  I use a  Duluth Packing Company duffel bag (maroon).  This is a great bag!  This bag will compress, it is not full to capacity because if I get challenged it will fit in the airlines size o meter.  The irony is even at full capacity the duffel bag takes up less space on the plane than a roller case. Then, a "student sized" knapsack, this serves as my purse and carries whatever I cannot stuff into the other two bags.

I can do what I do due to:

1- planning planning and planning
2- beg borrow and steal ;) ( Irish brings a crinoline and the laptop)
3- avoidance.  I only take what is absolutely necessary.  Meaning makeup I don't use stays home.  I've consolidated my remover into smaller bottles.  Some stuff doesn't come home.

It seems I am "lighter" this year.  This is because nick's costume is fairly light and I am not bringing the big bad heavy full circle cloak of dooooom.   However the hat requires space.

When I pack I start with my largest bag.  I bring two large sheets of paper, this is flat and goes into the bottom of the big bag.  This protect the hotel's furniture from my theater makeup.  Then I put in the flat envelopes of feathers, they are compressed to the wall of the luggage and are protected from breakage that way.  Next I add the big 3- the hat, the makeup kit (red handled case), and the makeup mirror.  The hat is already covered with nick's layer, including the hat band.  The inside of the hat is stuffed with Augusta's fur collar (that looks like rehashed roadkill). Everything else is worked around the big three items.

In each picture of the samsonite you only see on side of the luggage.

Aside from what is already listed, all hat parts are in here.  All liquids. Nick's and Augusta's shoes and socks.  Most of vacation Snape (the Hawaiian shirt, leis). Binders, undies, t shirts. The makeup smock.  Cans of spray hair color. Nick's half wig and facial hair. A disco time turner.  Parts of ghost/ in-spirit snape, the white long jacket and a grey sheer cloak, and white ballet slippers. Shoulder pads. A lightweight black cloak.

Left side-

Image heavy picks of luggageCollapse )
4th-Jul-2012 11:58 am - Happy 4th
death eater1
Happy 4th. I shall be sewing and what not.

Band type geeks will appreciate the Stars and Stripes Forever, by J.P Sousa. =)

Sousa always makes me think of 4th of July celebrations.

Adding- I think my scale lies. It says I am 180. I don't beleive it. I was 184 2 days ago. If the number goes below 180, I may be more inclined to beleive it.
29th-Jun-2012 11:52 pm - Shoes are done!
Put on some sunglasses, these shoes are the gaudiest things I've seen in a long, long time.

I am wondering if I need to be worried that Lockhart cosplayers wil try to mug me for my hat and shoes.

I painted the shoes.  I did this to break up the white.  I am not the best painter of arty things.  The gluing the fabric to the heel worked great on one shoe, but not the other.  There is apparently a trick to fabric overlay, but I don't know what it is.  Perhaps there is a special glue. I suspect in commercial fabriccovered shoes they do this while the heel is still separate.  Farbic covering the heels is a precision effort.  I think I did OK as this was the first time I did it, but the glue bled through in parts.

Keep in mind these shoes are covered first in kilz, a household paint designed to block stains for over painting.  No one will see the ugly velcro job when I am wearing them.  I am really pleased with how the rosettes turned out, especially the first time I made those. 

These shoes have glitter puffy paint, acrylic hobby paint, and stuck on rhine stones.  Liberace and Rue Paul would be proud.

shoes done-fashion pose

Shoes, very gaudy shoes...Collapse )
29th-Jun-2012 10:46 pm - Cats
death eater1
Mr. D is home and fine. 

To up the mood around here I have cat picspam, or "why I cant get stuff done in my office"

I have roadblocks:

Cat pic spam & my messy work at home officeCollapse )
24th-Jun-2012 10:22 pm - Nick shoes
Nicks Shoes

Today we talk about Nick’s shoes some more, minus the swearing. Note that shoes for costuming tend to be a longer term project with more breaks than garment construction. In a previous post, I had to get shoes that fit, clean them, prep them, paint them, and allow them to dry. They got polished, which I don’t think was necessary.

But the plain white shoes look like naughty nurse shoes so they need bling. My goal was an attempted mimic of Nick’s shoe décor from the images on the net. I had to make a rosette and attaché that rosette to the shoes.

Sadly, I ran into technical and material shortcomings and that forced me to a Velcro solution. Some may be wondering why not just glue it on. The reason why I try to avoid glue on shoes is that shoes are under a lot of stress, the glue cracks and you lose bits of your costume. Glue is really good for props, accessories, making jewelry, etc…as long as the article does not face lots of “material stress”.

I made some discs- on side white satin the other grey taffeta and fusible interfacing. I attached the fuzzy side Velcro to the statin side.

Huge amount of images...I'm not kidding! Warning for major shoe and machine torture.Collapse )

rosette vs plain

Finally, I had to fit my sox by removing slack. But they are clean and finished.

I have another rosette to make.

Have a great week!
21st-Jun-2012 12:58 am - Acendio 2012- Ghost shoot
Calling all ghosts, dementors- there will be a death day photo shoot at Acendio 2012 in the Portofino Hotel on THURSDAY from 1 to 1:30PM and maybe a bit longer (after lunch time). We need to scope out a place to do this where there is limited traffic so not to block people. If you are cosplaying a hogwarts ghost in canon coloring (whites, greys, silvers-you know the drill) come to the death day photoshoot and mingle with your fellow ghosts. dixiebell12is running a video camera for an art project first and then we will be around for stills and group shots. Duplicate characters are fine. So far we have a grey lady, moaning myrtle, professor Binns, and a nearly headless nick. Could use a few more ghosts especially a bloody baron and the hufflepuff friar. If you wish to be part of this event, please comment and I will get with you through messaging once we nail the location.

I must be crazy, I posted this on the Acendio facebook site, so I expect the email in box to explode!.  You can go and sign in there if you want.


death eater1
The lanyards are done.

This is a random post.  So let's start with the hat.  The buckle is done and attached to the band.  Velcro would not work.   The picture frame that serves as a buckle is sewed on.  The fram has some accents added to it.   This is 100% done.  I am not touching it anymore. =)


My ruffs arrived from bonziabetz! They are so freaking gorgeous I could cry. I could wear them both stacked. =)

***pics are here**Collapse )
20th-Jun-2012 05:39 pm - FLIKR
My FLIKR has become REALLY popular lately. =)   It's not the Nick pics, food, or cats.  It's old convention photos.

My FLIKR pics are all public domain and they are there for your enjoyment, however if you plan on using them let me know because some folks in those pics are publicity shy.  Personally, I don't care.

Then again, if you come in and mine pics, it would be nice of you ( cough  nljfs  cough) to drop a comment or two.  Just sayin....   If you are picking them up for an exchange project, which is fine, I have higher resolution originals.

17th-Jun-2012 06:34 pm - Nick's parts are 99% done
Nick’s pants are basically finished. These took about a week to do, since I have to work for a living. 99% done because there is always something to poke at, but if I had to go to con tomorrow, these will work.

** more stuff behind the cut **Collapse )
Here is a photo of the completed pants. Note the button on the waistband. Yes, there is a black zipper, but no one will see it, it will be under Nick’s doublet. =) That zipper was salvaged. I recycle and I am frugal. =D

pants completed

16th-Jun-2012 03:12 pm - Nicks pants
Finally posting some pictures. This work was done a few days ago. I made and added trim to the pants legs in the same manner as Nick’s sleeves.

I notice when I make trim the thread tension and fabric direction tends to make it twist. So that means I have to iron it into submission.

I had 6 trim runs that are over 32 inches each.

**pics are hiding here**Collapse )
I did a long walk today before noon. It was hot and sunny. I am tired now. I hit up a garage sale during the walk and got a plastic grocery bag full of used upholstry tassles. =) None of the tassles are black though, mostly golds, reds,a few blues, some creme.
13th-Jun-2012 06:41 pm - Starting the pants
I had a big meeting at big floo, and the result of that has made me techo-paranoid.  Just say that nothing is safe and my firewall is worthless.

So instead of slumming on the net for luddite icons I have the beginning of Nick's pants that I worked on yesterday and today.

Today all I did so far was wash and iron stuff.


Nick’s pants

Starting on Nick’s pants.  The first thing I do is get a pattern.  In this case I am altering the pants design for this costume to meet the vision I have for Nick.  It’s not a bad choice, these dance/belly dancer/harem pants have a zippered waist and are blousy enough. 

Nick pants are a pattern modification.  Some folks are good enough to just do pants from scratch.  I can't, I need a base pattern.  This same pattern gave me a core shape for Irish's grey lady belt.


pics here- sewing basics, nothing pretty yet.Collapse )
12th-Jun-2012 10:42 am - Nick's doublet is 99% done
Yesterday, I completed the top, except I need to hand sew some of the lace and add a snap near the collar.

I tried it on and it fits (with no binders), although it's tight through the shoulders, which is typical for this pattern
Once the hand sewing is done, I am going to abuse it in the washing machine and dryer.  Then make any fixes to any damage.

The picture frame on the hat cannot be secured with velcro -cries-, it's going to have to be sewn on. =(  So the hat band is going to get washed.

Shoes are still drying, as they are still emitting a kilz odor.

Click here for more photosCollapse )
Front with hat-


In real life I am hearing "rumblins in kalifornia".  The chimney sweeps are negotiating with head death eaters in big floo.   -sighs-    I wish they would make up their minds.  But no one is giving up a paid holiday so things may get more interesting after July 4th.  We will see. 

I've been working on Nick all weekend.  The shoes are sitting in a room, I can't do anything with those yet.  But the paint is certainly dry!

I added the back panels to Nick's doublet using the same process I did for the front.  I made trim.  I cut and assembled the sleeves.

back view-

I had to self pattern these, line them and add the trim. Just like I did for the front.

I don't like how these "fall" so I am doing some other stuff with them.

***all pics behind the cut. click here for pics***Collapse )
9th-Jun-2012 05:05 pm - Shoes are painted.
Chocolate and Shoes
No sewing in this post. To put togehter a costume one also needs props and shoes. =)

I think these now look like medical uniform shoes. =)

Had issue with Kilz cans but solved that by swapping out the nozzle of a known working spray can.

I used the whole can of kilz.   I did an aggressive srub on these poor shoes, because there were places where the kilz started soaking into the leather.  It was very hot and dry today with slight gusts of wind so I had to work with the wind at times.  Since it is very hot and dry, the paint dried very quickly.  This has a matte finish to it.

Me in my paint clothing....I pull an old rag T shirt and securt it with a sweat band. Keeps paint from getting on my hair. Don't laugh, dressing for the job is important. I dont want to ruin anything good, and I really don't care that I look like a totoal dweeb from "people of wallmart".

*******all pics behind the cut! *****************Collapse )
It's my wedding anniversary and I'm off to eat persian food. =)

Sorry for spamming the flist.  before I get my butt in gear and paint the shoes, here are photos of sewing geekery and vertical button holes.

Ever since Ollivander, and Snape, I get all weirded out when confronted with button holes.  Button holes are final committment.  Yes, you can seam rip button holes, but the fabric never looks the same after that.  I messed up a button hole really bad with Ollivander.  After Ollivander I got some good advice and I went on ebay and bought straight and slant shank "UFO" auto-buttonholers.  These are amazing things if you have an older machine.  I dont know if they would work on a serger...yet. =)

In this photo I show you the buttons I am using. These buttons haven't been used on any garment in several decades. I remeber them being in my mom's sewing box when I was a kid.
Buttons and button holesCollapse )

Granger wants me to stop my project and pet him every 10 minutes. He's in the office when I snapped this pic.

I've come to a point with Nick where I have to go parallel with the shoes.  The shoes are a similar project to Augusta's purse. The shoes simply take time between stages, and they need to dry through each stage.

I've never had to mess with shoes before, but I hope what I have planned for them works.

The shoe-a-holics may find the butchering artistic reinterpretation either fascinating or a crime scene against foot wear.

Last night I took a perfectly good pair of brown shoes I got at thrift for 8 bucks.  Nice, clean, hardly worn, perfect fitting shoes that are office grade.

new shoes

Pics of shoe distressing here.Collapse )
7th-Jun-2012 07:04 pm - More Nick
Less boring pics here.

lechatnomade suggested I add beading to the trim work.  I dont have that many beads, but I do have puffy paint.  So I did an experiment on some scraps.  I am not sure of puffy paint and it's ability to surivie the washer and dryer and iron.

But here is the test. 


Lots of photos of Nick's in progress "doublet"Collapse )

7th-Jun-2012 05:21 pm - Updates on Nick's costume
Since I took the PC off line, there has been progress. These pics are a few days old.

I finished the cuffs. Satin always manages to piss off humble me.  Satin warps and expands and streches even though I am on the grain line.  So the white part of the cuffs that is hidden from the auidence is not perfect.  It's not bad, but this would fail a costume craft competition, that and fugly seam work.   

Nick is definately denting the trim stash.

Now you want me shut up and show you pics. 

Cuffs only.  Frankly I am suprised the satin actually looks white in the photo!


Cuffs and satin. Satin is evil, but it looks so good.Collapse )
7th-Jun-2012 04:58 pm - Cat pic spam
We got a ton of rain.  We needed it.  Now we need a few days to dry out, and then send more rain!

The storms took out a surge suppresser. Damn thing would not stop beeping.

Vigil between the offices.


cats today. no spiders.Collapse )
6th-Jun-2012 01:22 pm - Critter pics!
death eater1
Finally got a shot of that spider!




cat butt
cat butt

5th-Jun-2012 11:03 pm - Random stuff/sewing
death eater1
I am cutting out more strips of satin to make more trim.  Patterned and cut the front skirt for Nicks "doublet" for lack of a better term.  Also cut the back lining for the cuffs, and fully assembled the cuffs with some foo-foo. 

But nothing else is getting done until I make more trim.  -sighs-  What a mess.

Fraycheck is my friend.

I think I should have Nick's top done this weekend if things keep moving along.  

Deep space hubble.  This has been around but I still find it cool.  Nothing like space to make one feel humble.


747 hull tries to take off in high winds.


I had to vaccum out the dining sewing room because I couldn't stand the mess anymore.

Pics tomorrow.
4th-Jun-2012 11:55 pm - More Nick progress
Keep in mind Nick now went through a burst of  more completion.  This is because I pre-sewed the collar and the flanges.

So now you see what a flange is, and what that strip of white satin was used for.

My camera was a bit wonky.  The white in the costume really flashes.  If I would have made this costume white, it would flash out. 

There are some construction details that do not look pretty, but they are necessary for what this will need to do.

The trim I made. It sort of look really bad, but that's really close up. That's white satin in the middle with sheer gray ribbon on each side. Yes, I made my own trim.


This is what I used that trim for. Note this is just the front with the yoke attached. The collar and flanges and even the back is not yet sewn to it.

image heavy Nick's progress.Collapse )
4th-Jun-2012 04:52 pm - Exchange
Romantic SS-HG
Well you got your prompt and you got me.  You probably want to murder the mods.

Do not freak out.  My exchange prompt pretty much says it all.

I am not a kitten eating, puppy kicking Nazi.  Even if I do use a death eater avatar.  =)

However you will see the romantic and totally AU SS/HG icon today.  Know that whatever you decide to do, I will be happy with it.

Just no Emma Watson as Hermione manips.  Please.

Otherwise, anything will work with arts for me.  Be creative!

If you take the barely legal 4th fic prompt, yes you can write the Jack-Hermione-Severus threesome despite the fact I am not a huge fan of slash.   That said, smut is not a requirement, but if you want to write it, I am OK with it.  Just don't break the SS-HG ship.  LOL.

I am not one for abstract/spiral/circular writing.  I won't understand it or appreciate it.

Have a happy experience with the SSHG_Exchange!
3rd-Jun-2012 10:34 pm - Nick's top.

Slow weekend for sewing. 

I had to alter a pattern, then fit it.  Turns out it has enough slop to fit, and I need to take it in a bit. So I do pattern origami!

Sewing pics and cat spam.Collapse )

Granger checks out the long stream of shiny white satin!

ironing 1

3rd-Jun-2012 09:34 pm - walk 2
death eater1
More pics of my neighborhood.  The day I  took these shots was Saturday and it was hot!

A friendly dog. The person has two dogs of the same breed.

local friend

Image heavy and a bit squicky- you have been warned.Collapse )
31st-May-2012 10:11 pm - What I see when I walk
death eater1
See some pics of my walks about my neighborhood. No spiders today.

First- these are the beetles that are all over the road. Like one every 5 feet.

Ground beetle

image heavy and lots of pics of stuff where I live.Collapse )
27th-May-2012 07:28 pm - food and cats
DE cookies
But not cats as food or cat food...

Did a massive amount of cooking yesterday. Then chilled most of the grilled items to make what I call "portugese salad".



Images of food and cat hereCollapse )
24th-May-2012 11:07 pm - Nick is going to need shoes
I've been spending tonight researching the buckle idea.  I went searching for hat buckles- no luck.  Seriously no luck.  Everything is too modern.  Even the kilt buckles. =)   What I have noticed about Nick's period is they tended to scarf up the hats instead. I may say screw it and dig out some silvery scarf stuff.  I am thinking a small picture frame a light weight alternative to an actual buckle.  I wasn't happy with what Hancock offered.  Then again, if I had to take the hat to con tomorrow, it would work. 

Costume whores on my Flist may enjoy browsing this rat hole:  http://thepragmaticcostumer.wordpress.com/category/fashion-history/pre-1600/

I went looking for shoe styles because Nick needs shoes.  I now know what I can get away with in modern shoes and adapt from there.  I may dig in my closet for some beat up old white pumps and go from there, but the heel will be wrong.

Shoes  are  really fascinating things to research.  Many modern styles actually look like the old ones if you know what to look for.  Several models and styles actually made good office shoes with suits. (back in the day when I wore suits and went to an office)

So this weekend I am hitting up the thrifts in search of cheap vynil shoes.  I can sprey paint vynil with automotive paint, but not leather.  You cannot dye black leather white. 

According to pics I have of Nick he's got these daisy things on his shoes...  The things I do for the illusions.
23rd-May-2012 11:41 pm - Collars, yokes, flanges, and cuffs
I spent most of my evening making the smaller detail items of Nicks costume.   They may not make sense to you now.

I had originally planned to make this in white, but pure white does not photograph very well.  What this costume will be is lots of textures of whites, silvers, and greys.

This photo is the cuffs of the sleeve.  This design is similar to movie!Nick's.  I am mimicking the movie to a certain degree but true movie duplication is not possible.  You can see the pattern part.  What you are seing is one side of the cuff with the fusible interfacing attached. 

Nick's costume IMAGE HEAVYCollapse )
23rd-May-2012 04:59 pm - project Nick
Nick's hat is stitting on the dress form and fermenting.   It needs something else, I just don't know what at the moment.  So while that hat is setteling,  I am working on the piece parts of the quasi-doublet.  Doing work on the smaller bits helps keep my area organized.   I have finally run out of Ollivander's leftover silver fabric.

So far the collar and flanges are sewn up.  May start on the cuffs and sleeves next.

22nd-May-2012 04:27 pm - Pimping New Hampshire Con
You will probably get sick of me doing this.  

Cosplayer Cassandra (the Lily Cosplayer) has asked me to cheerlead this on LJ.  Yes, I AM going to Misticon in 2013 in the state of New Hampshire. (Unless I am dead or something like that...)

What is interesting is this con is using kickstarter.  Sort of a project funding site.

So here it goes.


I'm on facebook so you don't have to be...

from the misticon site.  =)  They are fully funded on kickstart now.
Quote: "Great Merlin's Beard. We just hit full funding in 6 hours. -KERMIT FLAIL- Sorry, that was very un-ministerial of us -DIGNIFIED KERMIT FLAIL-"

UPDATE 2:  If you dontate 150 bucks (or more) in kickstart you get early registration, and the con gets booster funding from kick start.   So I registered. I am going to Misticon!

The Con website (not facebook) is here:  http://www.misti-con.org/

DE 2nd Class 
22nd-May-2012 02:35 pm - The hat band- hat progression pics
No cats.

Last night I completed the band.  This band uses double sticky sided "pellon board" a sort of super interfacing for the band.

These photos may look sort of boring.  But you don't get the grand bridge with out the support structure.

The outside/inside band "patches" are channels for the feathers. 

I really hope this hat manages to survive con...


More pics of the hat band hereCollapse )
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