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Droxy Droppings
10th-Jan-2020 02:16 pm - This journal is Friends Only
death eater1
If you are hitting The Droxy Journal page and what you see are the only the posts I want the "general" public to see.

However I rarely assign posts as public, or even do it in a timely matter.

If you want to see the goodies you are going to have to hit that Add A Friend button.

Also know this is primarily my hobby blog.   I also put way more content in live journal than facebook.  (Because I really don't like facebook's gui and restrictive policy.)

My User Info page should give you quite a bit of data about me.  There are photos and links on the UI page.

I love making costumes,  creating fan art,  and reading fanfiction.

I do not eat "canary cremes", this means I do not tweet.  I do not plan to tweet,  do not ask me to tweet.

I only post in American English and usually with typos and spelling mistakes and netspeak.
8th-Mar-2018 06:30 pm - Signal boosting for Teddyradiator.
death eater1
From irishredlass

LJ Friends it is time to answer the call!  I am posting here for our dear friend and beloved author teddyradiator. I know many of us have passed happy hours reading Teddy’s beautiful prose and now she is asking for our help.

On February 28th Mr. Teddy was laid low by not one but two strokes.  After several days in ICU he is back home but, his battle is not over.  He is facing a medical procedure in the coming weeks to remove a blockage from one of his carotid arteries and they are hoping to clear the other using blood thinners.  He is having to relearn speech and writing but, fortunate he retained his motor functions.

Teddy is currently the sole income of their household in addition to caring for Mr. Teddy.  There has been a fundraiser set up to help offset expenses and keep them afloat.  Any little bit helps.



Teddy is asking for an additional bit of help keeping Mr. Teddy’s spirits up.  If anyone can spare a moment to drop a card or note in the mail to cheer his spirits it would be greatly appreciated.  The encouraging words keep him going and motivated to come back from this harrowing experience.  It is going to be a long road to recovery for him.  (if you need the address just PM me or find me or Teddyraye on Facebook and we will pass along the details).
Teddy has brought us so much joy through her brilliant stories it is time for us to give some back.
Thank you, in advance, for your help and support of this amazing couple!
22nd-Dec-2015 04:05 pm - trouble in Paradise?
death eater1
Just saw this news. Apparently Archive of our own is having board issues.


Adding I'm not a big fan of Archive Of Our Own.  I prefer Pet Poetess, Ashwinder and good'ol Fanfiction. net.

So my dears, if you got work and it's only on Archive Of Our Own you may just want to post it someplace else.   Because if the board falters in an unpaid position organization you get a failed service.

Love it or hate it, fanfiction.net has out lasted several archives
21st-Jul-2013 01:22 pm - HP character meme
death eater1
stolen from riverwitch8616, but this memehas been around before.

don't forget to unclick the blue bar at the very end with the gender question because it's hello quizzy...

So totally not surprised by this result.  Nice fanart though.  =)  Love the bird.

Your result for The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test...

Albus Dumbledore

“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”

You are Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts and one of the most powerful sorcerers of all time. Dumbledore is coy, a little odd, and very friendly. Although he has a benevolent and peaceful disposition, he is assumed to be dangerous because of his intelligence. The ones who fear him are the ones who misunderstand him, much like Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge. He could be compared to people like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr.; while most honor and respect him, everyone else hates and ostracizes him. You are like Dumbledore in the sense that both of you are caring, open-minded, and always trying to put others before yourself. Dumbledore has his bad side, of course, what with his entanglement with Grindelwald, and so do you. You are not perfect, although you strive to be. You have a certain air of dignity about you, but you are not conceited or judgmental. Everyone seems to be drawn to your charm and whimsy, even if they’ve already decided that they dislike you. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working!

In short, you are more:

Cautious than impulsive
Mature than immature
Modest than arrogant
Weird than normal
Extroverted than introverted

Your polar opposite is Narcissa Malfoy.

Take The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test at HelloQuizzy

10th-Jul-2013 03:19 pm - Next Misti-con
death eater1
MISTI-Con 2015 Will be Held Memorial Day Weekend, Thursday May 21st - May 25th!

apparently you can make hotel reservations.

30th-Mar-2013 06:28 pm - Teddy's Exchange Bingo Prize
Teddy took my big prize offer and wanted a cloak.  She selected this blue panne velvet from my stash of bolts that had enouhg fabric to handle a cloak (at least 7 yards at 60 inches).  Oddly, this panne velvet was passed to me by Sabrebabe.  Now it will go to Teddy.  =)

I made a full ciurcle cloak with an oversized hood.  The hood is lined in white strech panne velvet.   There are two wand pockets and two normal hand pockets, and slits for the arms in the cloak as well.  The cloak is trimmed in nylon/poly silver ribbon that has an opaque quality.

You will also see the cloak with the gloves presented in my last post.

Warning for lots and lots of images.  Dont know why they persist in being sideways, I saved them rotated after cropping.   If someone knows a fix for this let me know.

On the dress form- here you can see the hood.
cloak imagesCollapse )
30th-Mar-2013 04:50 pm - Teddy's gloves
I took photos of the matching gloves to teddy's Exchange Bingo prize cloak.

Everything is in the wash on abuse cycle.  What's interesting is these don't seem as stretchy as the fabric.



Image heavyCollapse )
1st-Mar-2013 12:18 pm - Snape-het meetup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romantic SS-HG

I got this from Misti-con management,,, Droxy,

We have your snape het meetup scheduled for Friday 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Please let me know if that is good with you. The snape het was introduced as Misti is at tops a 500 person con.  Snape het includes SS with any het arrangement. I have thinking to do...because... I have two presentations.  One is on Friday. If any of you have presentations- you should be popping up here:  http://www.misti-con.org/prog_list.html Keep in mind the list and schedule is being updated.

1st-Mar-2013 11:25 am - misticon advert news updates
death eater1

Registration Price Increases to $175 Tonight!

- Today is the last chance to register for MISTI-Con at our standard registration price of $150. You don't want to miss the incredible programming and special events planned at this unique Harry Potter getaway event! Click here to purchase your registration today!

Convention Program Now Online!

-- Check out the list of Formal Programming, Presenter Bios, and the convention schedule!

Many Special Event Tickets Still Available!

- We are still selling tickets and have seats available for the following special events: -- The MuggleNet Academia Live! Keynote with Janet Scott Batchler and "The Hogwarts Professor" John Granger! -- The Mother's Day Brunch, featuring the vocal magic of Vladamir Snape (Nigel Taylor of Platform One), special Mother's Day photos from The Enthusiasts and cocktails!

Don't Miss Out on the MISTI-Con T-Shirt

-- Check out our convention t-shirt design and pre-order yours to make sure we have it for you at the con. Only a limit number of non pre-order shirts will be at the con, so a pre-order is the only way to ensure we have your size.

It's Not a Fashion Show, It's Not a Skit show, It's The MISTI-Con Costuming Superlative Showcase!

-- Free to enter! Everyone wins! Show off to your friends and take home a Merlie!

And Don't Forget!

-Main competition positions are closed for The W.A.R.T, but we still have FOUR alternate slots available. -If you need shuttle service from either Boston Logan or Manchester New Hampshire airport, reservations are still available. -Call for Fan Fiction is still open! Closes March 15th. -Are you a musician and want to perform at MISTI-Con? We have available time periods where acoustic sets can be performed in The Margate main lobby. E-mail us at info@misti-con.org if you are interested.

26th-Feb-2013 02:57 pm - Bingo pressies
death eater1
I won fic and art! Much thanks to the volunteers for creating them. Here are the links!
Fic by  madeleone   http://exchange-bingo.livejournal.com/44246.html
Art by meladara   http://exchange-bingo.livejournal.com/43978.html
13th-Jan-2013 09:18 pm - HP art contest on reddit
death eater1
I am not going to join another social media, but if you have fanart, there you go.   I get a suspicion they wont take cosplay as art. 

Source link- http://kmhmd.livejournal.com/6141.html


23rd-Dec-2012 07:02 pm - Pic spam
death eater1
Cats cats cats and cats.


cats are here!Collapse )
10th-Dec-2012 07:14 pm - Bingo Pimp
SS-HG rose

Win prizes for reviewing the exchange!

21st-Nov-2012 11:23 am - They are at it again
death eater1
Why do the pols keep chipping away at our rights and privacy.

Why is it always something that takes away, and never provides for more rights and more freedom?

16th-Nov-2012 10:35 pm(no subject)
death eater1

4th-Nov-2012 01:38 pm - Pumpkins and Weasley
death eater1
My Jack-O-Lanterns from Halloween.

I think we got 15 kids tops.  A group of 4 parents with 1 kid took a photo of my pumpkins. 

I got a complement on my full circle cloak.

Are little kids always so darn shy?

Cat and pumpkin pics here.Collapse )
admitting regret
Stolen with pride  from toblasswho got it from rivertempest.

The candy exchange.  This is more modern, since some candy has gone away and new stuff is available. I dont think kids get apples anymore.  I remeber the last trick or treat apple was 1968, and people also gave out homemade cookies and popcorn balls.  These are now things of the past.

death eater1
Just a reminder to keep your cats and dogs indoors starting tonight and through thenext weekend.

Traffic and kids, and pranking teens maybe relatively harmless, but the added traffic and noise is distressing to pets.  Know traffic increases where you live for halloween.

Please keep your black cats and white cats indoors due to bad people who would harm your pretty kitty.


30th-Oct-2012 10:54 am - South Carolina gets hit by a POS
death eater1
Frankly, I agree with your Governor.  But I'd rather let the POS loose in a locked gym with the victims and video tape it for the net.   "ID Theif gets tarred and featherd and stuffed in a basketball net".  Then deny 'em computer rights and force 'em to live with a rotary dial phone and a non net enabled TV...LOL!

26th-Oct-2012 05:18 pm - Halloween humor.. a real groaner.
death eater1
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.............

Bob Hill and his new wife Betty were vacationing in Europe....as it happens, near Transylvania. They were driving in a rental car along a rather deserted highway. It was late and raining very hard. Bob could barely see the road in front of the car. Suddenly, the car skids out of control! Bob attempts to control the car, but to no avail! The car swerves and smashes into a tree.

Moments later, Bob shakes his head to clear the fog. Dazed, he looks over at the passenger seat and sees his wife unconscious, with her head bleeding! Despite the rain and unfamiliar countryside, Bob knows he has to get her medical assistance.
Bob carefully picks his wife up and begins trudging down the road. After a short while, he sees a light. He heads towards the light, which is coming from a large, old house. He approaches the door and knocks.

A minute passes. A small, hunched man opens the door. Bob immediately blurts, "Hello, my name is Bob Hill, and this is my wife Betty. We've been in a terrible accident, and my wife has been seriously hurt. Can I please use your phone?"

"I'm sorry," replied the hunchback, "but we don't have a phone. My master is a doctor; come in, and I will get him!"

Bob brings his wife in.

An older man comes down the stairs. "I'm afraid my assistant may have misled you. I am not a medical doctor; I am a scientist.. However, it is many miles to the nearest clinic, and I have had a basic medical training. I will see what I can do. Igor, bring them down to the laboratory."

With that, Igor picks up Betty and carries her downstairs, with Bob following closely.. Igor places Betty on a table in the lab. Bob collapses from exhaustion and his own extensive injuries, so Igor places Bob on an adjoining table.

After a brief examination, Igor's master looks worried. "Things are serious, Igor. Prepare a transfusion." Igor and his master work feverishly, but to no avail. Bob and Betty Hill are no more.

Read more...Collapse )
25th-Oct-2012 10:32 am - POS on the net
death eater1

If you bought a book from barnes and nobel, check this out:


LOL- some of my industry drama. 
Huawei has been ripping off designs and intellectual property as far back as 1995, they actually tried to steal one of our muxes from a trade show.  They have no shame.  As a result of this company coming in and blatently violating the no photo rule at trade shows,  booths have sheltered areas, that are monitored as to who get in.   Huawei's theivery is no secret either, and is long held common knowledge in my industry.   Which leads me to a whole issue on mfg in China, if your company does it, expect your product and designs will be ripped off in a week and counterfits made.   They dont give a damn about IP or copywrite law.  By the time that's enforced, they took the money and moved on.   I have no solution for this.



Then facebook has issues:


9th-Oct-2012 07:53 pm - Misti-con
death eater1
I just did several posts to the misti-con community.


If you are going to Misti-con or planning to, then please join the community.


Side note:  There is a huge tarantula outside on my office window, it is easily 6 inches large. Thankfully it has moved along....
26th-Sep-2012 07:02 pm - Q&A at the misticon site
death eater1

If you are going to misti con, hate facebook, then you may want to join the Lj community.
26th-Sep-2012 08:53 am - Got hacked
death eater1

Emails went out at 4AM ish. 

My PC was scrubbed last night and it was turned off at that time in the morning when the email was sent. Location at time of hacker login was POLAND.

Do not open mail sent to you that doesnt have a header.

Not only that there is NO sent mail record in my mail.  My mail is set to keep the mail I sent.  So these hackers look like they are getting into yahoo.

Have a huge contact list in yahoo, so I see all the fail on old emails.  Otherwise I would not have known I was hacked.

Arynwy commented, but I am raising it here-

"My brother is convinced that the hackers now have someone inside Yahoo. His IT security group has a clean control machine with multiple dummy accounts for Yahoo, Gmail, MS Live and other major providers. The accounts are NEVER accessed with other devices - only this one machine with a dedicated IP.

The machine is not used for net surfing and the accounts have dummy address books (control addresses that they've created and never use for real world application).

This machine is as secure as a professional group can make it. The dummy yahoo account was hacked this morning."

So far every victim has had a login from a differnt IP address in differnt countries.  My PC is crystal clean.  I've been going crazy trying to find out what allowed the hack.   One thing I did read is if the preview pane is up, it is the same as clicking.  But I dont use preview pane because I find it annoying..LOL.  

However, from what I can find this thing prys open your cookies to get at a password.  I am thinking it can be this because I cant locate any keylogger software.  

I really wish people would expose these folks with photos and names on the internet, so we can hunt them down and  smash their equipment.

25th-Sep-2012 06:35 pm - OMG!! LOL
I'm being toyed with- DE quote
I got a call from boss.


I have to write his script for a fear factor parody that is part of the annual drive for the corporate charity "entertainment" event.

Of all the people who work for him, I got the call.  It is one of those things where I can't say no.


Well...I am off.  I have to write a script.
death eater1

This shows how to view recent login activity.


2 year old answer-

This problem is a common one on Answers, several times each day for months. Either your mail was infected by malware (a trojan, not a virus) or spoofed by spammers, or your address was found in someone else's infected computer. The results are the same: that address will need to be changed. This new trojan malware can infect computers and get the address book simply by opening the mail - no click is necessary, so it spreads fast!
- First, check your sent box to be sure these were not being sent from your account as a 'zombie' spambot machine.
- Second, open your profile to be sure your password and secret questions & answers and alternate mails remain the same.
- Third, change all that information to more secure and unusual ones.
- Fourth, read the references below for the best explanations I've ever seen.
- Fifth, this could be a malware attack so do a scan in Safe Mode (Malwarebytes is best). Then delete all System Restore Points before re-booting into normal mode.
- Sixth, set up a new account and new alternate accounts. Do not close the old ones until all information is transferred. Import the Contacts list, and forward important saved mails too.
https://edit.yahoo.com/registration?.int… (new address)
http://edit.yahoo..com/config/list_alias… (alternate address)
- Last, contact everyone with your new address, including your name and 'new address' in the Subject line, as well as an apology to them. Urge ALL of them to use BCC: and delete all addresses when forwarding mail too! Warn them not to click ANY links or even open mail from the old address. (Some malware can infect computers just by opening the mail.)

Changing your password is NOT sufficient, even though that is Yahoo's advice! Use a very strong password (letters, capitals, punctuation, numbers, symbols - the longer the better.) Start with a sentence, and make substitutions. Be sure the result is one you can remember. Change your 'Secret' Questions and Answers too - ones that nobody could guess - Yahoo even allows you to invent your own questions. Change and add all-new alternate e-mail addresses too.
24th-Sep-2012 11:55 pm - kitchenmeme
death eater1
I have to go to the doc tomorrow for annual exam.  I hate doctors.

Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got rid of. (reduce fonting of stuff I do not own and never have owned)

 wonder how many pasta machines, breadmakers, juicers, blenders, deep fat fryers, egg boilers, melon ballers, sandwich makers, pastry brushes, cheese boards, cheese knives, electric woks (broke from use, now have electric dutch oven! luves ), miniature salad spinners, griddle pans, meat thermometers, jam funnels, filleting knives, egg poachers, cake stands, garlic crushers, martini glasses, tea strainers, bamboo steamers, pizza stones, coffee grinders (this is decorative), milk frothers(not sure I can say I have one as part of  gifted expresso machine?), piping bags, banana stands, fluted pastry wheels(not used because its in a shadow box as art), tagine dishes (WTF is this?), conical strainers, rice cookers, steam cookers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, spaetzle makers, cookie presses, gravy strainers, double boilers (bains marie), sukiyaki stoves, ice cream makers, fondue sets, healthy-grills, home smokers, tempura sets(?), tortilla presses, electric whisks, cherry stoners, sugar thermometers (I am assuming this is a candy thermometer), food processors, bacon presses, bacon slicers, mouli mills, cake testers, pestle-and-mortars, and sets of kebab skewers languish dustily at the back of the nation's cupboards.

Notice I have no strike throughs.  =)  Frankly, I boil my eggs in a pot using a flawless method.  I dont need a special cooker for eggs. (or rice, or steamers....)  I do have mutli functional cook ware that allows me to steam and boil, very handy!

death eater1
I just got word that http://kyriaofdelphi.livejournal.com/profile  has passed after suffering the ravages of cancer.

Kyria was a potter fan but she had fandom geek cred.  Kyria was a huge fan of Viktor Krum and shipped Krum/Granger.  She was also a big Draco fan. 

What was also interesting is she worked at paramount when the Orignal Series Star Trek was made.  She even dated "Scotty" for a while.  She had walk ons in films. One called All The Pretty Maids. 

She attended Infinitus in Orlando.

She loved to sew and collect pottery and copper.  She's come up to Dallas to pet sit and I'd go get her and we'd go fabric shopping and coo over patterns. 

Here is a meme she did.  42 years in fandom!


See you on the flip side Kyria.

13th-Sep-2012 10:53 pm - strange but true
death eater1
I wonder how much of my tax dollars went to this venture. 

If I ever see one, it's going to get smashed flat, along with the chip.  Call me paranoid, but it has way more applications than the altruistic one stated.  Bunch of geeky engineers..   I hope my cat doesn't eat one.  But oooh think of the blackmail potential.

This may inspire a fanfic.  We all know how Ron felt about spiders.

12th-Sep-2012 07:05 pm - Misticon chat is going on NOW
death eater1
It's 8Pm EST.  Chat is on!  chat is now closed!

11th-Sep-2012 10:10 pm - MISTI-CON community
I've been  under a rock.  If you are planning on attending Misti-con 2013 please join the community here:


They are also on facebook.

There is a Chat on wednesday- no need to get on facebroke to join the chat!

Want to more about MISTI-Con? Have questions about registration, the hotel, events, programming or more? Just want to know more about the people behind this unique Harry Potter fan convention?

Join us at http://chat.hp-nyc.com/ 8pm (eastern) Wednesday, September 12th
Bring your friends!

Don't forget the discount deadline is coming up!

Less than 4 days left for MISTI-Con Early Bird ticket prices!! $110 registration goes up to $150 Sept. 15th! MISTI-Con is hosted by many of the people behind Aeternitas and is located at a stunning private hotel in New Hampshire EXCLUSIVE to the con. No Muggles and the ENTIRE hotel is for our use! You don't want to miss this!

The website is here:

10th-Sep-2012 10:56 pm - The Texas migration photos
admitting regret

They are not kidding calling the September holiday Labor Day, well Labor Day. I worked like a house elf all week.

I managed to take some photos. I wasn’t able to take many at Irish’s because we were just that darn busy or nackered.

So lets start with irishredlassand sabrebabe  rolling into Dallas. Here is the van trailoring the car.


They both stayed at my place until Tuesday, which is when we took off and the day the apartment was available.
So Irish took the opportunity to cook.
cutting zuch

cut for lots of imagesCollapse )
10th-Sep-2012 10:32 am - Misti-con deadline
admitting regret
"Less than a week left for MISTI-Con Early Bird ticket prices!! $110 registration goes up to $150 Sept. 15th! MISTI-Con is hosted by many of the people behind Aeternitas and is located at a stunning private hotel in New Hampshire EXCLUSIVE to the con. No Muggles and the ENTIRE hotel is for our use! You don't want to miss this!


9th-Sep-2012 08:49 pm(no subject)
death eater1
Got home.

I'm tired.

Logged into work PC.  This week is going to be hell.

Irish is mostly settled.  She still has sabrebabe there to assist.

If I have energy I will post pics soon, and when I  unpack the camera. =P

I was sent back with steel, patterns, some fabric, a fountain, and some appliances.  

I am not used to driving, I was on the road for 5 hours and I traveled 270 miles.

I have something like 400+ emails.  There is no way I can back track LJ.

I am going to grab some cats and head to bed.
1st-Sep-2012 02:43 pm - Misti-con PSA
death eater1
Important Reminder! There are only 2 weeks left to register at our Early Bird price of $110. After Sept. 15 the registration price goes up to $150. Don't miss out on this excellent offer, and don't miss MISTI-Con!


LJ community is here:

31st-Aug-2012 12:03 am - Status
death eater1
I havent been on much.

Too much to do.

Exchange project is taking my free time focus.  This is not a bad thing, but it just means I am notspending time on the blog.

If you can, please register for Misti con.  There are still slots available and the time for submitting formal presentations is coming up SOON.   If you would like me to be on a panel, please ask. 

My life is busy but I am looking forward to seeing sabrebabe and Irish in a few days and helping Irish get settled in Texas.  I am really hoping to see Kyria.

Lately Weasley has been getting sick.  Bottom line he's throwing up and has litter box issues, which isn't normal.  This is a sign I am not taking lightly and we will be taking him to the vet.  Granger is fine.  The house is a tip. 

I think you will be seeing a bit less of me but I am here.  There are priorities I need to address.  Priorties that matter to me in real life.  Please be understanding and know I don't think of you any less.  But I can't spend 3 hours a day blogging anymore, not right now.

That's real life and there is nothing for it.  Just know nothing bad is happening.  I am just busy with things,

Hugs to you all.  I think of you daily.
failing to plan is planning to fail
Life in Texas

This occurred pretty close by to me, like a mile or so.  I didn't hear or see anything.  No damage, and everyone and everything is fine.

But the power died at 8:30 AM without an obvious weather reason.


What cracks me up in a dark humor sort of a way..is the hedgey-iffy-kinda-sorta reporting.  "May have struck a gas line.."  geee, ya think?  Dumbass journalists  make all sorts of hard speculation on politics and call it fact without justification, but when it comes to the obvious facts with obviosu justification, they can't state it?  Also dumbass construction workers, they are supposed to locate all power and utilites before digging- very dumb (or very cheap and very illegal.)  I see OSHA fines.

Also, there is a GAS pipe in the area?  Wait a minute, I can't get gas to -my- home, but there is an effing gas pipeline running near by.  Bullshit.  I want gas!  The pipe has had to been there since my house was built.  I do not understand why these houses dont have gas with a pipe nearby like that.
28th-Aug-2012 02:22 am - scarf meme
death eater1
I don't think this is me.  Makes look like a  an introvert.. Why?  Because I like long coats (I'm effing tall, Hello?), sweaters (have lots), and rhubarb pie (not sweet but slightly tart, and rare)?

You Are a Silk Scarf

You are sensitive and emotional. You are easily moved by the world around you.

You tend to be quiet and reflective. You prefer to stand back and observe rather than making a splash!

You are a good listener and a truly caring person. You have plenty of time to devote to your friends.

You try to tread lightly while making the world a better place. Doing good deeds brings meaning to your life.

25th-Aug-2012 01:22 pm - HP Book on fandom meta- giveaway
death eater1
I'm on facebroke so you dont have to be.

However sometimes I see things that may be of interest to you here.

Book giveaway.

25th-Aug-2012 12:31 am(no subject)
shrek kitty
I've been really busy at work this week.

Just FYI there will be fangurls at my house Sat, September 15th!  So any "Dallas TX" locals who want to say hi to Sabrebabe and Irish, pop on by.  I'm taking a few days off while Deb is here to do crafty goodness. Fangirls will be driving up Friday the 14th, and Sabrebabe will be here until Wednesday or so.  If anyone doesnt have to report to work, you can pop by Monday or Tuesday even.

One of the reason I am quiet is I am pounding away on my SSHG exchange project in the evenings.  I am thinkig I am close to done, right, but the muse is demanding details.  It's taking lots of files, which I back up constantly.  But so far I am pleased.

The new ram seems to make the PC happy.

Cats are fine.

My theatrical lenses arrived!   I must resist the temptation to try them.  LOL.  Aside from a black pair for Snape, I have some silver ones.  Silver...yes. 

I still have more con pics to post.  Please be patient.
18th-Aug-2012 12:26 pm - Old computer is updated
Lurking for awhile.

But I just invested 80 bucks to double my ram from 2 gig to 4 gig in the old Dell 830.

So I am bashing it on speed and mutliple processes.

I hape this removes some of the sluggishemens and crap repsonse from this old laptop. 

This is the last update for this machine. 

Work is a bear.  The simple project is trying to become complex.  Complex project is getting more complex because they are trying to run twpo types of project management on it.  That seldom works.  They eed to make one style subordinate to the other.  It is a problem for the project managers to figure it out, but I doubt they will.

I ordered new theatrical contact lenses.  One thing done.

I am feeling well, and need to get on with chores.
16th-Aug-2012 11:38 am - Don't Text and Drive
Can't destroy evil
Don't text and drive.

Also, keep an eye on others who might be. They may just crash into you.

I don't want you to be one of the folks on a vid some day.

Updating: you can get an app for androids and iphones and blackberries that disables while driving.



death eater1
If you are planning on going to Misti_con, and you like volunteering or want to shape the offerings then you can apply for a Big Chairman job.    It is too much for me to handle.  I wish I was independently wealthy, then I could. -sighs-

Reminder, Misti has 4 chair positions open! Misti is setting a cut off of next Monday so if interested please apply soon.  If you get slected as a chair, your registration is covered.  So if you have more time than money, here is your opportunity.

If you applied, they have your appliction. =)

Go here:

12th-Aug-2012 10:27 pm - Ascendio 2012 con costume shots
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Today I finally ventured into Deviant  art.  My god, that site is messed up.  It wont advance to the next page and resets to my original.  I cant comment, none of the fields show up.  This is in both mozilla and IE.  WTF.

Regardless here is pics of cosplayers in the hall prior to the fashion show.

All pics are here so if you want to download orginal size you can.



Snape saved Harry Potter, now he's going to Disneyland.

Massive picspam of costumes. Collapse )
12th-Aug-2012 07:32 pm - Cat Spam and Fabric Shots
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Ok. So I had requests for some cat pics and some photos of the “SS-HG wedding fabric”.

I took some shots of the cats this morning when they were wanting attention. But the minute I pull out the camera they become disinterested.


Manx cats hiding behind the linkCollapse )


The black haired/black eyed groom with his bushy haired bride. If I had patience I could take fabric paint and make it really fanon…LOL.


Fabric eye candy hereCollapse )
8th-Aug-2012 06:18 pm - Misticon Volunteers needed.
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I just updated the misti-con site.

Join here for information:


If you are angsting over getting a ticket, but know you are going to go.  There are some big volunteer opportunities.  They need people with a good understanding of fanfiction, fanart&crafts, and organizing, and selling.  So if you have more time than money, here you go.
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