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However I rarely assign posts as public, or even do it in a timely matter.

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Also know this is primarily my hobby blog.   I also put way more content in live journal than facebook.  (Because I really don't like facebook's gui and restrictive policy.)

My User Info page should give you quite a bit of data about me.  There are photos and links on the UI page.

I love making costumes,  creating fan art,  and reading fanfiction.

I do not eat "canary cremes", this means I do not tweet.  I do not plan to tweet,  do not ask me to tweet.

I only post in American English and usually with typos and spelling mistakes and netspeak.
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Signal boosting for Teddyradiator.

From irishredlass

LJ Friends it is time to answer the call!  I am posting here for our dear friend and beloved author teddyradiator. I know many of us have passed happy hours reading Teddy’s beautiful prose and now she is asking for our help.

On February 28th Mr. Teddy was laid low by not one but two strokes.  After several days in ICU he is back home but, his battle is not over.  He is facing a medical procedure in the coming weeks to remove a blockage from one of his carotid arteries and they are hoping to clear the other using blood thinners.  He is having to relearn speech and writing but, fortunate he retained his motor functions.

Teddy is currently the sole income of their household in addition to caring for Mr. Teddy.  There has been a fundraiser set up to help offset expenses and keep them afloat.  Any little bit helps.


Teddy is asking for an additional bit of help keeping Mr. Teddy’s spirits up.  If anyone can spare a moment to drop a card or note in the mail to cheer his spirits it would be greatly appreciated.  The encouraging words keep him going and motivated to come back from this harrowing experience.  It is going to be a long road to recovery for him.  (if you need the address just PM me or find me or Teddyraye on Facebook and we will pass along the details).
Teddy has brought us so much joy through her brilliant stories it is time for us to give some back.
Thank you, in advance, for your help and support of this amazing couple!
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trouble in Paradise?

Just saw this news. Apparently Archive of our own is having board issues.

Adding I'm not a big fan of Archive Of Our Own.  I prefer Pet Poetess, Ashwinder and good'ol Fanfiction. net.

So my dears, if you got work and it's only on Archive Of Our Own you may just want to post it someplace else.   Because if the board falters in an unpaid position organization you get a failed service.

Love it or hate it, has out lasted several archives
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HP character meme

stolen from riverwitch8616, but this memehas been around before.

don't forget to unclick the blue bar at the very end with the gender question because it's hello quizzy...

So totally not surprised by this result.  Nice fanart though.  =)  Love the bird.

Your result for The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test...

Albus Dumbledore

“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”

You are Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts and one of the most powerful sorcerers of all time. Dumbledore is coy, a little odd, and very friendly. Although he has a benevolent and peaceful disposition, he is assumed to be dangerous because of his intelligence. The ones who fear him are the ones who misunderstand him, much like Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge. He could be compared to people like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr.; while most honor and respect him, everyone else hates and ostracizes him. You are like Dumbledore in the sense that both of you are caring, open-minded, and always trying to put others before yourself. Dumbledore has his bad side, of course, what with his entanglement with Grindelwald, and so do you. You are not perfect, although you strive to be. You have a certain air of dignity about you, but you are not conceited or judgmental. Everyone seems to be drawn to your charm and whimsy, even if they’ve already decided that they dislike you. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working!

In short, you are more:

Cautious than impulsive
Mature than immature
Modest than arrogant
Weird than normal
Extroverted than introverted

Your polar opposite is Narcissa Malfoy.

Take The Remarkably Thorough Harry Potter Character Test at HelloQuizzy


Teddy's Exchange Bingo Prize

Teddy took my big prize offer and wanted a cloak.  She selected this blue panne velvet from my stash of bolts that had enouhg fabric to handle a cloak (at least 7 yards at 60 inches).  Oddly, this panne velvet was passed to me by Sabrebabe.  Now it will go to Teddy.  =)

I made a full ciurcle cloak with an oversized hood.  The hood is lined in white strech panne velvet.   There are two wand pockets and two normal hand pockets, and slits for the arms in the cloak as well.  The cloak is trimmed in nylon/poly silver ribbon that has an opaque quality.

You will also see the cloak with the gloves presented in my last post.

Warning for lots and lots of images.  Dont know why they persist in being sideways, I saved them rotated after cropping.   If someone knows a fix for this let me know.

On the dress form- here you can see the hood.
Collapse )
Romantic SS-HG

Snape-het meetup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this from Misti-con management,,, Droxy,

We have your snape het meetup scheduled for Friday 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Please let me know if that is good with you. The snape het was introduced as Misti is at tops a 500 person con.  Snape het includes SS with any het arrangement. I have thinking to do...because... I have two presentations.  One is on Friday. If any of you have presentations- you should be popping up here: Keep in mind the list and schedule is being updated.

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misticon advert news updates

Registration Price Increases to $175 Tonight!

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